6 Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Occupied on Long Trips_trucking jobs in nashville tn_Beacon Transport_Nashville TN

6 Tips for Truck Drivers to Stay Occupied on Long Trips

Trucking jobs in Nashville, TN can be great opportunities to make a living while also seeing our beautiful country. These long trips provide a view of the countryside that not many people will have the opportunity to become so intimately acquainted with. However, this aspect of trucki
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6 Tips for Truck Driving in the Summer_truckload carrier_Beacon Transport_Nashville TN

6 Tips for Truck Driving in the Summer

June marks the official start of summer. Barbecues, pool parties, and various outdoor activities are about to become much more popular. This will bring more people out of their homes and onto the roads. It will also increase the need for particular items. Summer is a busy time of year
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The Importance of Sleep and How to Get It on the Road_truckload carrier _Beacon Transport_Nashville TN

How to Get More Sleep on the Road

It can be very easy to focus solely on the destination when you’re on a long trip. This is why the truckload carrier sets limits on how long a truck driver can spend on the road in a single day. However, there are many other ways to spend your off-time than by sleeping. Aside from dis
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How to Handle Road Rage_trucking jobs in nashville tn_Beacon Transport_Nashville TN

How to Handle Road Rage

We’ve all experienced a sudden rush of anger while navigating traffic. Maybe someone cut in front of you, or slammed on their brakes, or even gestured rudely in your direction — there are multiple reasons to feel this way. This is what’s known as road rage — anger or frustration stemm
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3 Things That Make Truck Drivers Feel the Love

While the trucking industry may seem like an employer’s market, the truth is good drivers are often hard to come by. Trucking companies are finding it increasingly challenging to attract, recruit and – more importantly – retain highly-skilled individuals. The good news is there are pl
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Trucking Safety Tips: Staying Awake on the Roads

As a truck driver, you spend long hours on the road – many times overnight. Although these trips offer the opportunity to enjoy peaceful time to yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to stay awake. You never want to drive if you feel like you are about to doze off. Use these t
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