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Beacon is hiring qualified drivers in our service area. Please note we do not service the Northeast. Become a Driver

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We are based out of Nashville, TN with emphasis in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
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Who We Are

Our History

Beacon Transport, LLC was founded in June 2000 by Stan Pritchett and David Burns. Their goal was to create a successful truckload company by utilizing their years of combined experience in the transportation industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Beacon Transport to develop and maintain a respectable, profitable reputation as a valuable truckload carrier. In order to achieve this goal, the company has built an office staff that is comprised of dedicated and experienced employees who provide the best customer service and dispatch services available.

What Our Drivers Say

Beacon Transport has partnered with the EPA SmartWay® Program in order to continue and to improve our commitment to decrease emissions. We do this by investing in the latest technologies, such as, latest engine technology, electric APU’s, diesel powered APU’s, and diesel fired cab heaters to reduce idle.

SmartWay® is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

Latest Posts

  • 4 Tips to Reduce Your Transportation Costs

    Each year, an estimated 12.5 billion tons of freight worth $10.5 billion is hauled by trucking companies across the United States. For many companies, the cost of trucking transportation is one of the largest expenses, accounting for over half of all logistics expenses. As the cost of fuel remains unpredictable and unstable, it’s important to investigate all opportunities to reduce transportation costs. How a Trucking Company Can Reduce Transportation Costs Since June 2000, Beacon Transport has been a leading trucking company that services the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest. We know that with smart logistics, you can efficiently move your products faster and cheaper. To maximize your company’s profits and reduce transportation costs: Partner with a trusted carrier. A company like Beacon Transport has the experience necessary to identify transportation challenges in the supply chain and develop solutions to overcome those challenges. By partnering with a trusted carrier, your company will enjoy the best quality transport at the right time and at a competitive price. Consolidate shipments. While it’s not always possible to consolidate your freight, ensure that your transportation manager investigates this as a strategy to reduce transportation costs. The fewer trips are made, the the more money you save, especially for larger shipments. If you have multiple suppliers, you may be able to partner and consolidate shipments into a more efficient full container load. Keep your compliance systems up to date. By automating the compliance process, you can reduce cycle times and the number of tasks performed manually. This results in fewer shipping delays and increases on-time deliveries. Aside from reducing transportation costs, automated compliance processes also increase your end-customer satisfaction, as products are delivered on time. Measure performance. Regularly review performance results with management to ensure continuous improvement. Since transportation needs can be highly seasonal, you have the opportunity to make year-to-year comparisons and ensure that your transportation strategy is more meaningful versus the prior period. From maintaining accurate inventory balances to getting downstream forecasts, hard information reduces demand variability and forecast error. This ensures the most efficient performance possible. At Beacon Transport, we understand the weight that transportation costs place on your company’s budget. Our experience in logistics and the trucking industry allows us to implement strategies that reduce transportation costs and keep your shipments on schedule. Contact Beacon Transport today to learn more.
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  • Beacon Tornado Relief

    On May 20, 2013. Moral Oklahoma was hit with a devastating F5 tornado. Beacon Transport asked itself the question, what can we do to help? Beacon Transport is committed to serving our community not only in Nashville, but in the greater region and across the country. Learn more about how Beacon Gives Back and contributes to a better world.
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  • What to Look for In a Trucking Job

    A career in the trucking and transport industry can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Truck drivers enjoy flexibility, the opportunity to travel, competitive benefits, and growth in an ever-evolving industry. With so many over the road (OTR) truck driving jobs available, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. Whether this is your first job in the trucking industry or a strategic career move, it’s critical to know what to look for when seeking a trucking job. It can be difficult to find high paying jobs in logistics, so here are a few tips to keep your career moving forward. Find a Reliable Trucking Company Finding a reputable trucking company is just as important as finding the right region and locations to drive. When searching for Nashville trucking jobs, you should consider company culture and seek personalized attention when applying. Does the company respect, value and promote qualified drivers? At Beacon Transport, we understand how important a positive company culture is to ensure the success of our brand, our employees and our clients. Consider More than Just a High Paying Trucking Job Of course, pay rate is going to be one of the leading factors of any job hunt. It’s still important, however, to consider other factors such as benefits, time off and how much time you will spend on the road. Benefits you can earn include, but are not limited to: Retirement accounts such as 401Ks Stock options Prescription medication options Life insurance policies And more By keeping all of these considerations in mind, you will be able to qualify high paying trucking jobs that are right for you. Why Consider Nashville Trucking Jobs Even though you’ll spend much of your time on the road, it’s critical to consider the “homebase” location of your next job. Is the company located in a region that’s poised to grow? Is the industry booming in the area? What are the long-term benefits of staying with a company in your region? As Nashville continues to grow, so does the greater southeast. This corner of the country is increasingly becoming a prominent economic engine where OTR truck driving jobs will be in high demand for many decades to come. At Beacon Transport, we understand the needs and qualities that truck drivers desire in a job. We’re headquartered in Nashville, TN, which is recognized as one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the entire United States. To learn more about Beacon Transport or to apply for a trucking job, contact us today.
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  • 17th Annual Celebration of Life TBCC Golf Classic

    Beacon participated in the 17th Annual Celebration of Life TBCC Golf Classic Beacon Transport participated in the 17th Annual Celebration of Life TBCC Golf Classic that was held August 15th-16th at the Hermitage Golf Course. The Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition is a great cause, and Beacon was excited to be a part of it. Learn more about how Beacon Gives Back to Nashville and our greater community.
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2014 Driver of the Year


Doyle Williams

We are proud to announce our 2014 Driver of the Year.

Congratulations Doyle!

Driver of the Month – February 2015

Soon, Frank 0215 - RESIZE WEB

Frank Soon
We are proud to introduce the Driver of the Month for February 2015, Mr. Frank Soon. Frank has been employed with Beacon since January 2005. His CB handle is “Tennessee Kid”. He is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. Frank has been married for 35 years to Pamela. They have two children: A son, B.J. and a daughter, Jade. They also have 7 grandchildren. Frank enjoys watching and playing sports of all kinds. We appreciate the outstanding job Frank is doing for Beacon Transport.

Congratulations Frank!