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Beacon is hiring qualified drivers in Nashville and our surrounding service area. Please note we do not service the Northeast. Become a Driver

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We are based out of Nashville, TN with emphasis in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
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Who We Are

Our History

Beacon Transport, LLC is a Nashville truckload carrier company founded in June 2000 by Stan Pritchett and David Burns. Their goal was to create a successful truckload company by utilizing their years of combined experience in the transportation industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Beacon Transport to develop and maintain a respectable, profitable reputation as a valuable truckload carrier. In order to achieve this goal, the company has built an office staff that is comprised of dedicated and experienced employees who provide the best customer service and dispatch services available.

What Our Drivers Say

Beacon Transport has partnered with the EPA SmartWay® Program in order to continue and to improve our commitment to decrease emissions. We do this by investing in the latest technologies, such as, latest engine technology, electric APU’s, diesel powered APU’s, and diesel fired cab heaters to reduce idle.

SmartWay® is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

Latest Posts

  • Is Being a Truck Driver the Life for Me? What You Need to Know

    For some people, the idea of climbing up into the cab of an 18 wheeler and hitting the open road sounds like a dream come true. It’s important to point out, however, that truck driver jobs aren’t for everyone. It’s a truly unique lifestyle and given the amount of training involved, potential employees should be well aware of what they’re getting into prior to changing or starting a new career. If you’ve ever asked yourself whether being a truck driver would be the right fit, here are a few things to keep in mind. It requires independence and self-discipline. Unlike sitting behind a desk in an office, truck driving jobs typically involve many hours of alone time. In order to stay on task and remain productive, a truck driver must be able to manage his or her own schedule and be comfortable working independently. The schedule can fluctuate. Some truck driving jobs begin bright and early in the morning while others might require evening or overnight shifts. Before becoming a truck driver, you should evaluate how comfortable you are with working unconventional hours. You may be away from home a lot. Some truck driver jobs may include regional or even cross-country routes, which mean you may be away from home for stretches of time. If you have a family, this is something important to consider prior to pursuing a truck driving career. Different employers may structure pay differently. Not every trucking company pays its drivers the same way. Some pay by the hour, while others pay by the mile. There are also other types of compensation to consider, such as whether the company offers layover pay, which is compensation for the time spent waiting for a truck to be on or offloaded. You may or may not be required to handle freight. Again, it depends on the company, but some truck driving jobs involve the entire process of on and offloading freight while others provide laborers to handle these tasks. It comes with lots of unique perks. One of the biggest benefits of becoming an over-the-road truck driver is the opportunity it affords to see and experience other geographical areas. Most people don’t get paid to travel, which is one of the things that makes truck driving jobs so unique and desirable. It’s always a new adventure. Another thing that makes truck driver jobs great is that because the schedule fluctuates so much, every day is a new and exciting adventure. Unlike coming into an office and sitting behind a cubicle day in and day out, a truck driver gets to experience something different every day. Becoming a truck driver isn’t for everyone. Before making such a serious commitment, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons of what truck driving jobs are all about. The list above should provide a good starting point for deciding whether this career would be the right fit for you. Still have questions? Give Beacon Transport a call at (615) 471-5700 or apply here. We’d be glad to discuss your unique situation and help you make a more informed decision.
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  • 7 Questions to Ask a Recruiter When Applying for a Nashville Trucking Job

    The good news is, you’ve been invited to interview for what seems like a great job at a Nashville truck driving company. The bad news is, not every opportunity is ideal for everyone. Before signing on the dotted line and hopping into the cab, you’ll want to ask a few important questions of your own. This will help you determine ahead of time whether this particular trucker job in Nashville is the best fit for you.
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  • Sharing the Road with Truck Drivers: 5 Safe Driving Tips

    Car drivers are at fault for 75% of all car-truck accidents, according to a AAA study. Not staying in the correct lane, failing to yield, speeding and violating signs and signals are the biggest contributing factors to wrecks. It’s important to respect other drivers on the road, and that includes trucks — not just for their safety, but for yours. Here are 5 tips for sharing the road with truck drivers.
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  • Trucking Safety Tips: Staying Awake on the Roads

    As a truck driver, you spend long hours on the road – many times overnight. Although these trips offer the opportunity to enjoy peaceful time to yourself, it can sometimes be difficult to stay awake. You never want to drive if you feel like you are about to doze off. Use these truck driver safety tips for staying awake on the roads.
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2014 Driver of the Year


Doyle Williams

We are proud to announce our 2014 Driver of the Year.

Congratulations Doyle!

Driver of the Month – October 2015

Williams, Doyle 1015 - RESIZE WEB

Doyle Williams
We are proud to introduce the Driver of the Month for October 2015, Mr. Doyle Williams. Doyle has been employed with Beacon since November 2010. His CB handle is “The Phantom”. He is originally from Brownsville, Tennessee.  He has a 17 yr. old son, DaVonte. He enjoys playing drums, bass guitar, bowling, riding motorcycles, playing and watching sports. We appreciate the outstanding job Doyle is doing for Beacon Transport.

Congratulations Doyle!