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Beacon is hiring qualified drivers in Nashville and our surrounding service area. Please note we do not service the Northeast. Become a Driver

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We are based out of Nashville, TN with emphasis in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
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Nashville Truck Driving Jobs

Who We Are

Our History

Beacon Transport, LLC is a Nashville truckload carrier company founded in June 2000 by Stan Pritchett and David Burns. Their goal was to create a successful truckload company by utilizing their years of combined experience in the transportation industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Beacon Transport to develop and maintain a respectable, profitable reputation as a valuable truckload carrier. In order to achieve this goal, the company has built an office staff that is comprised of dedicated and experienced employees who provide the best customer service and dispatch services available.

Our Company

What Our Drivers Say

Beacon Transport has partnered with the EPA SmartWay® Program in order to continue and to improve our commitment to decrease emissions. We do this by investing in the latest technologies, such as, latest engine technology, electric APU’s, diesel powered APU’s, and diesel fired cab heaters to reduce idle.

SmartWay® is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

Latest Posts

  • What Keeps Truck Drivers Happy?

    A love for the road isn’t enough to find happiness for trucking companies in Nashville. The employer needs to offer the tools and support for a driver to consistently enjoy their position long-term. But what are these tools and how do they affect the mental health of the drivers?
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  • How Important is the Trucking Industry?

    Our economy flourishes because of truck drivers. From healthcare supplies to food transportation, the trucking industry quietly supports our everyday lives in ways that we don’t often consider. If the trucking industry stopped our economy and quality of life would plummet rapidly.
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  • An Inside Look at Weigh Stations

    New drivers or anyone interested in becoming a trucker should have some understanding of what a weigh station is and what it means. Weigh stations are checkpoints located throughout the country. The stations are designed to monitor the weight of larger vehicles and make sure they don’t compromise the integrity of the roads. The U.S. has set a maximum weight limit for each vehicle. We take a closer look at the requirements, the technology used, and what officers are looking for.
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  • Become a Truck Driver with Beacon Transport

    A truck driver is a vital part of the U.S.’s economy. They are responsible for transferring large loads of commercial goods from one area to another. Without truck drivers, grocery store shelves would be bare, restaurants would have no food, retail facilities would have no goods to sell, hospitals would have no medical supplies, not to mention other items we need and want on a daily basis.  Depending on the company, they drive locally or cross country. The need for truck drivers has not faltered over the years, giving drivers stable work and salary.
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2018 Driver of the Year

Doyle Williams

We are proud to announce our 2018 Driver of the Year.

Congratulations Doyle!

Driver of the Month – June 2019

Russell Broeker
We are proud to introduce the Driver of the Month for June 2019, Mr. Russell Broeker. Russell has been employed with Beacon since April 2014. His CB handle is “Lonestar”. He is originally from Maryland. Russell is married to Angela and has four children: Andrew, Cheyenne, Carrie and step daughter Lara Gambill. We appreciate the outstanding job Russell is doing for Beacon Transport.

Congratulations Russell!