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Beacon is hiring qualified drivers in Nashville and our surrounding service area. Please note we do not service the Northeast. Become a Driver

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We are based out of Nashville, TN with emphasis in the Southeast, Midwest, and Southwest.
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Nashville Truck Driving Jobs

Who We Are

Our History

Beacon Transport, LLC is a Nashville truckload carrier company founded in June 2000 by Stan Pritchett and David Burns. Their goal was to create a successful truckload company by utilizing their years of combined experience in the transportation industry.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Beacon Transport to develop and maintain a respectable, profitable reputation as a valuable truckload carrier. In order to achieve this goal, the company has built an office staff that is comprised of dedicated and experienced employees who provide the best customer service and dispatch services available.

Our Company

What Our Drivers Say

Beacon Transport has partnered with the EPA SmartWay® Program in order to continue and to improve our commitment to decrease emissions. We do this by investing in the latest technologies, such as, latest engine technology, electric APU’s, diesel powered APU’s, and diesel fired cab heaters to reduce idle.

SmartWay® is an EPA program that reduces transportation-related emissions by creating incentives to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

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  • Stops to Make Your Route More About the Road and Less about the Load — Southern Exposure

    Although long-haul trucking is all about making it to your destination quickly and safely, you may as well take advantage of required breaks to see the USA from your big rig. Because Nashville is the center of our universe, we’ve put together a couple driver-friendly tour guides to help you make the most of your down time. There’s a lot more to the Southern Interstate than Pilot and Love’s. Stay healthy and happy on the road.
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    Nashville Truckload Carrier Looks to Hire the Best Commercial Truck Drivers on the Road NASHVILLE, TN: Beacon Transport, a leading Nashville-based truckload carrier company, recently released a series of short videos about the company and working for the company. As the company looks to hire additional drivers and increase brand awareness, the brief videos help potential drivers and clients better understand the growing company’s work environment, work ethic, and its commitment to its employees.
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  • 10 Tips for Truck Drivers for Staying Healthy on the Road

    Anyone who’s ever taken a road trip knows that staying healthy on the road can be a challenge. When your life is the road, staying healthy may feel next to impossible. Irregular schedule, unpredictable traffic, long hours, extended periods of inactivity, and limited meal options make living a healthy lifestyle a challenge. While it’s tough to accumulate Fitbit steps when you’re buckled in, we have a few common-sense tips and resources to help you stay well and focus on the road ahead.
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  • Amazon Web Services Employs Truckload Carriers has become a household name. Thanks to unbeatable prices and fast delivery, many have come to depend on Amazon’s great service for many household items. Due to increasing demand, Amazon continues to expand the type of services they offer and are responsible for a growing job market. Amazon’s latest project includes Amazon Snowball, a physical infrastructure to facilitate large-scale data migration, which will heavily depend on the use of truckload carriers. This recent announcement is great news for truck drivers, as it means a growth in the job market. Amazon Web Services In 2006, established Amazon Web Services, a number of cloud services or remote computing for website applications. The goal was to make it easier for clients to store, access, and compute large amounts of data through remote access. Due to large amounts of data, it can take clients anywhere from 1-2 months to download backups or retrieve much-needed files. “Even with high-speed Internet connections, it can take months to transfer large amounts of data. For example, 100 terabytes of data will take more than 100 days to transfer over a dedicated 100 Mbps connection. That same transfer can be accomplished in less than one day, plus shipping time, using two Snowball appliances.” Clients who needed to quickly access their data were left with long delivery times. Now, however, Amazon is taking data delivery to a whole new level with the announcement of Amazon Snowball. Trucking Service and AWS Snowball In short, Amazon has made it easier for clients to access large amounts of data without having to wait for lengthy download times. By using large-scale trucking services to physically deliver cases of data, they have cut down delivery times from months to days. The tech giant is now using physical trucks to move data across the country instead of over the internet. AWS Snowball uses 45-foot trailers to visit businesses across the nation and deliver much-needed data. Amazon states: “With Snowball, you can transfer hundreds of terabytes or petabytes of data between your on-premises data centers and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). AWS Snowball uses Snowball appliances and provides powerful interfaces that you can use to create jobs, transfer data, and track the status of your jobs through to completion. By shipping your data in Snowballs, you can transfer large amounts of data at a significantly faster rate than if you were transferring that data over the Internet, saving you time and money.” AWS Snowball Delivery Truck drivers will be sent to locations, plug into the servers and transfer up to 100 petabytes of data onboard. When finished, they will drive back to Amazon data centers and do it all over again. Clients will no longer be forced to wait months to download critical data, but instead, they’ll receive their shipments within a week’s time. To understand how much data is being delivered, consider that one petabyte is 1 million gigabytes. Amazon says that they can ship one exabyte, or 1,000 petabytes, of data in six months. Normally, this would take 26 years to do over an online connection. It’s anticipated that AWS Snowball will open up new driving jobs and opportunities with one of the world’s largest companies. In addition, drivers will adapt to new technical skills and make it possible for various carriers to add a variety of new jobs to the industry. For more information on trucking services or how to become a driver, contact Beacon Transport!  
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2016 Driver of the Year

WILLIAMS&PRITCHETT - 2016 - Web Resize

Doyle Williams

We are proud to announce our 2016 Driver of the Year.

Congratulations Doyle!

Driver of the Month – May 2017

Soon, Frank 0517 - RESIZE WEB

Frank Soon
We are proud to introduce the Driver of the Month for May 2017, Mr. Frank Soon.  Frank has been employed with Beacon since January 2005.  His CB handle is “Tenn Kid”.  He is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. He enjoys surfing, volleyball and watching sports of any kind. We appreciate the outstanding job Frank is doing for Beacon Transport.

Congratulations Frank!