How to Handle Road Rage

We’ve all experienced a sudden rush of anger while navigating traffic. Maybe someone cut in front of you, or slammed on their brakes, or even gestured rudely in your direction — there are multiple reasons to feel this way.

This is what’s known as road rage — anger or frustration stemming from an incident in a vehicle.

These situations are as dangerous as they are common. They don’t typically escalate beyond angry words, but road rage has the capability to create potentially harmful situations for those involved, as well as people around them.

It’s in everyone’s best interest to learn how to handle these emotions and de-escalate road rage incidents before they can negatively affect yourself and other drivers. Those working trucking jobs in Nashville TN or anywhere else know the dangers of road rage.

So here are some tips on how to best handle road rage, both from yourself as well as from other people.

Telegraph Your Moves

One of the best ways to avoid inciting a bout of road rage in another driver is to avoid any possibility of surprising other motorists. This can be accomplished by simply letting everyone know what you are about to do, and by not making any sudden movements.

Taking someone off guard can often lead to people feeling as if they are in danger, which then brings feelings of anger. Using your turn signals, applying pressure to the brakes with an adequate amount of space ahead of you, and checking your blind spots so you don’t take someone by surprise are all great ways to accomplish this.


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Don’t Be Spiteful

You’re going to see other drivers with bad behavior. It’s inevitable. And when this happens, you should do your best to just let them go about their business without purposely impeding them in any way. After all, it’s much safer for you to get away from a bad driver as quickly as you can.

So if you see someone trying to merge into a long line of cars, just let them ahead of you. Otherwise you risk becoming the target of their anger which could quickly escalate. And if someone cuts you off, don’t speed up to get in front of them and do the same.

Ignore Bad Behavior

This goes along with not being spiteful. You are going to see bad behavior. The person who is committing these acts obviously doesn’t have a lot of consideration for those around them. And if someone doesn’t have a problem making dangerous lane changes, they might be more susceptible to road rage.

The ultimate goal is to make it home safe on trucking jobs in Nashville TN. So if someone is breaking the rules of the road, don’t do anything that will cause them to focus on you.

Remember We All Make Mistakes

Our own road rage can be mitigated by how we view the situations around us. Take the example of someone trying to merge into a long line of cars. Maybe there was a sign announcing a lane closure a while back and this car continued past the point of safe merging.

Now, you could consider this person a terrible driver and be angry with them for thoughtlessness, or you could accept the fact that people make mistakes. Perhaps the person didn’t see the lane closure sign and found themself in a tough situation.

Accept the Traffic Jam

It can be frustrating to sit in traffic. Nobody likes the starting and stopping of a traffic jam on trucking jobs in Nashville TN. But in the same way of how nobody likes it, nobody can change it once it starts. Trying to constantly change lanes and work your way through the traffic jam is only going to frustrate you and make you more anxious. You won’t make it through any faster.

The best thing you can do is keep your emotions in check and realize that you’ll get through eventually. Fighting against it will only make you angry.

Be Mindful of Your Mood

Have you noticed a tendency to fall into road rage quicker on some days than others? This has to do with the mood you bring into the vehicle. You should be aware of the days in which you are already stressed out, angry, or otherwise more susceptible to becoming upset as you drive. Play calm music for yourself.

Take a moment to close your eyes and take a breath before you start driving. Find a means to calm yourself down so you don’t immediately become filled with anger when you get on the road.

It’s Not Your Responsibility

Ultimately, you are only responsible for getting yourself to your destination safely. The bad behavior of other people doesn’t affect you unless you get into an accident. Try to control your moods and the way you react to those around you. Driving is a great responsibility. Treat it as such.


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