The Truckers Everyday Carry (EDC)

While your truck has room for some items, it can’t carry everything. So, what are those essential items you will need to take with you while on the road? Here we will go over essential everyday carry (EDC) and dive into specific examples of actual truckers and their EDC.

What You Will Need on the Road

First, we’ll start with the essentials. These are the items you will need to keep you going. So, without further ado, here are your EDC must-haves:

  • Shorts15681611fef600
  • Socks
  • Jacket
  • Gloves
  • Work Boots
  • Jeans
  • Shirts
  • Sandals
  • Medication
  • Books
  • Laptop
  • 12 Volt Charger
  • Power chords
  • Wallet
  • Pocket knife
  • Smart phone

Every Day Carry Examples

Now that you have your everyday carry essentials, let’s look at a few examples of what professional truckers say they carry on the road with them every single day.

  • “I’m the boots-and-jeans wearing type. Not so much cowboy style, but I always have my Red Wing work boots, jeans (mostly Wranglers), and a T-shirt (usually with my company logo and my name) with some type of undershirt, and a ball cap. And this time of year, I will usually have a jacket on when outside. I never go anywhere without my wallet, which contains some cash, a debit card, my CDL, medical card, and a couple of other cards. I also carry my Kershaw pocket knife. As much as I hate to admit it, I, like most other humans in the modern world, carry a smart phone. Sunglasses. Unless it’s dark, I will have my sunglasses on. This last one is for winter only, but in my inside coat pocket is a tube of chap stick. Now, there really is no manly way of applying it, so I just make sure no one is around.”
  • “I too have always taken a knife, but a mini-Leatherman type, with a small pliers, screwdrivers, file, etc. Nothing big, as I don’t like bulky things in my pockets either. ALWAYS carry a credit card of some kind. It may get you out of a jam, and you can contest it later, with a debit card, your money is gone. Smarty-pants phone is cool. Today, the world runs on cell phones, and you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have one (a basic cell phone is all I have). Also, a small tool kit. Doesn’t have to be a big rollaway cabinet, but just the basics, WD-40 (or equivalent), flashlight, extra batteries, basic tools. A vice grips, bigger screwdrivers. Clothes, get a pair of cover-alls, you never know when you may have a dirty job that will ruin your clothes, and of course, an extra blanket. A small first-aid kit, bandages, antibacterial lotion for cuts, keep it simple.”
  • “My huge trucker’s wallet, but I removed the chain. Then my pre-paid cell phone. My reading glasses, and a pen, and a pocket note pad. And my car keys, and loose change. I never saw, the need to carry anything even remotely close to a weapon. But maybe my wallet can be considered a dangerous weapon. You get whacked with that, you’re going down.”
  • “I’ve only been driving for a year, but I carry a small knife (nothing that attracts attention) my wallet and an extra key on a D ring that never comes off my jeans, why because I will never get out my truck without my jeans.”
  • “Comb for my hair. Who to contact if I am injured or sick, and list of my medicines in my billfold. Knife, keys, money, credit card, .38 at times. In my truck I carry a back scratcher to reach the itch on my back, copy of my license, list of emergency contact numbers, spare eye glasses, cell phone charger, small camera, and other stuff already mentioned.”

Get more EDC examples here or by viewing the video below.

Using these recommendations will ensure you have the essential EDC you need when on the road. But don’t be afraid to customize your EDC to meet your specific needs. We are all different, and we all need different things on the road. Also, don’t worry if you forget something. Most truck stops carry the essentials, and you can always stop by a local retailer.

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