Regulation Updates For Truck Drivers in 2023

Trucking is a lucrative career that pays well and often offers flexibility while giving you the ability to explore different regions of the country. When it comes to taking on a career as a truck driver, however, you need to ensure you stay updated with the latest regulations. There are several regulations that govern the behavior of truck drivers on the road in the United States, and regular changes and additions sometimes make it hard to keep track. Let’s take a closer look at what regulation updates have been noted thus far for 2023. 

Possible Implementation Of Speed Limiters

More than 1,000 injuries are reported among truck drivers within the United States every year. There are numerous reasons why this happens, with speed being one of them. Several associations have looked into methods that could potentially help to reduce the rate of accidents among truck drivers due to speeding. 

While the notice is only set to be taken into action in June this year, the trucking associations will consider whether implementing strict requirements in the manufacturing process of trucks is necessary to reduce speed-related accidents. The FMCSA and NHTSA sent this notice out together. The idea is to have electronic engine control units installed in trucks with a maximum speed limit that will help to prevent speeding among these employees. 

Electronic ID Systems

It has also been proposed that trucking companies should start using electronic ID systems in order to make the process of identification easier. This particular notice will likely apply to any commercial motor vehicle, including trucks that are used for the transportation of goods. These ID systems will submit a wireless signal that can be picked up by electronic screening devices. These devices will be in possession of personnel responsible for ensuring motor carrier safety. 

An electronic ID system will then allow these personnels to detect motor carriers that are at a high risk of causing a disruption in traffic or leading to accidents. It will make roadside screening easier and improve operational efficiency. 

Update To The Medical Examiner Handbook

Truck drivers need to undergo regular medical checkups to ensure they are capable of driving in a safe manner. The Medical Examiner Handbook contains information about specific requirements that truck drivers need to meet before they can be deemed good for driving. The last official update to the handbook was made seven years ago, but new revisions will be made in 2023. A draft was previously published, but the FMCSA removed the draft. 

One of the reasons for the revisions is to stop the confusion that some providers have when they need to use the handbook as a guide to determine if they can pass a patient as qualified for truck driving. 

Safety Fitness

In 2023, there will also be an increase in the strictness related to the “safety fitness” of commercial motor carriers. Regulations will focus on making the roads safer for the public and truck drivers. 

The FMCSA has announced that they are currently collecting data in an effort to set out a more effective criteria list to determine trucking companies that are unfit. Notices will then be sent to these trucking companies, along with data on the reasons. The trucking company will have two choices – either improve the efficacy and safety of their operations, or they can close down. 

Public comment will be used in the process. The current safety fitness rating system has three tiers. These tiers include:

  • Satisfactory
  • Conditional
  • Unsatisfactory

During the current review of the safety fitness system, we will likely see that the FMCSA makes a couple of changes to this particular tier system. This could help to make it easier to identify companies that might be a hazard on the road, either due to poorly regulated drivers or trucks that are not properly maintained. 

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