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How Important is the Trucking Industry?

Our economy flourishes because of truck drivers. From healthcare supplies to food transportation, the trucking industry quietly supports our everyday lives in ways that we don’t often consider. If the trucking industry stopped our economy and quality of life would plummet rapidl
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An Inside Look at Weigh Stations

New drivers or anyone interested in becoming a trucker should have some understanding of what a weigh station is and what it means. Weigh stations are checkpoints located throughout the country. The stations are designed to monitor the weight of larger vehicles and make sure they don&
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Become a Truck Driver with Beacon Transport

A truck driver is a vital part of the U.S.’s economy. They are responsible for transferring large loads of commercial goods from one area to another. Without truck drivers, grocery store shelves would be bare, restaurants would have no food, retail facilities would have no goods
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Truck Driving In Nashville


Our truck drivers make it possible for us to provide superior service to our clients continually. Each month, we like to honor those who have shown dedicated service and performance to the Beacon team. It’s our way of saying thank you for their excellence and helping contribute
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Common Trailers Used in the Trucking Industry

There are numerous ways to transport goods. In the United States, many companies rely on the trucking industry to help haul loads and get products to consumers. Almost anyone can rely on a semi-truck for their transportation needs and to accommodate the different freight trucks use tr
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Reducing Emissions in the Trucking Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working hard to make it easier for the trucking industry to reduce fuel emissions. Manufacturing and the transferring of goods rely on multiple modes of transportation to reach the consumer. The EPA, aware of contributions the freight indus
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Truck Driving

Trucking Companies Improve Environmental Imprint

Going green isn’t just a trend aimed at households to encourage recycling and ethically sourced products. Countries across the globe are devising ways to reduce emissions from freight transportation vehicles to improve the environmental imprint. The trucking industry contributes
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Commercial Drivers License

What You Need to Know About Getting Your Commercial Drivers License

Operating large and heavy vehicles is a specialized skill. Before 1986, federal regulations stated that anyone with a standard Commercial Motor Vehicle license could also run a commercial truck. The problems produced by this relaxed ordinance caused a lot of unnecessary accidents. Now
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Truck Driving Mobile Apps

Top Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

In this digital age, there is technology for almost everything, and many app developers are turning their attention towards truck drivers. Fleets and independent drivers rely heavily on smartphones and tablets to communicate and move their loads efficiently. In a recent survey, it was
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6 Tips to Recruit Millennial Truck Drivers

For many years, the trucking industry has been struggling to recruit new drivers. The lack of drivers inflates the cost of shipping and ultimately affects the entire country. As a result, trucking companies are looking for ways to entice new drivers to a career as a truck driver. Mill
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