What Keeps Truck Drivers Happy?

A love for the road isn’t enough to find happiness for trucking companies in Nashville. The employer needs to offer the tools and support for a driver to consistently enjoy their position long-term. But what are these tools and how do they affect the mental health of the drivers?

Supportive Management

Even when a driver is on the road, the company atmosphere is along for the ride. This could be anything from the last conversation the driver had with their manager or even an issue with a fellow driver. A driver will be more comfortable in their position if they know their superiors have their best interest in mind. Alternatively, a bad relationship with a manager will sink the driver’s attitude and diminish the level of enjoyment they receive from performing their duties. Supportive and caring management will lead to a happier driver.

Proper Pay

No matter how much a driver might like their job, they aren’t a volunteer. The paycheck is a main motivating factor in a driver’s desire to not only continue with their job, but to do well at it. Compensation for truck drivers varies from one company to the next so staying competitive with offered payment goes a long way to show how much a company values their employees.


Recognizing an employee who is going above and beyond their stated duties is a great way to foster a productive working environment. Beacon Transport knows they wouldn’t be one of the top trucking companies in Nashville if they didn’t value their employees. They show this gratitude by recognizing and rewarding a Driver of the Month. Aside from that, Beacon recognizes drivers for Best in Class for Fuel Performance as well as Best in Class for Idle Performance.

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Proper Work/Life Balance

While many variables factor into how long a trip might take, the length and frequency of the assigned loads factors into how often a driver is home. Rest is crucial not only to how a driver performs handles his truck, but how much a driver enjoys their day-to-day life. Being on the road at a rate that doesn’t come at the cost of a driver’s relationships with their family and friends helps a driver view their position in a favorable light


Benefits are a great addition to a driver’s salary. Programs like group rates for medical, dental, life, disability, and vision insurance help a driver in the unavoidable aspects of life. Along with that, it shows the driver the company has their best interests in mind. A company showing they care for an employee goes a long way in ensuring the employee remains happy and healthy. Offering financial benefits such as 401k assistance supplement the already (hopefully) sufficient pay the driver is receiving.

Proper Equipment

No one likes sitting in a chair only to have it collapse. Likewise, truck drivers don’t want to make long hauls with faulty equipment. Frustration builds when things don’t work the way they should. Staying on top of these issues before they become major problems requires time and attention, but the payoff is worth the effort. Routine maintenance and open communication for issues is essential to drivers for safe and productive trips.

Knowledgeable Dispatchers

Without truckers, the industry wouldn’t exist. That’s pretty obvious. But what is less obvious is the role dispatchers play behind the scenes. Dispatchers are the eyes and ears of the truckers and a bad relationship between them can lead to many problems down the road. Properly training dispatchers as well as giving them the tools they need to help drivers as well as they can will create a happier environment for all involved.

Truck drivers gravitate to the position for a number of reasons. Whether they enjoy the freedom of the open road, the autonomy of managing their time during trips, or the financial benefits of the long hours, there will always be factors that can lead them to find less happiness in their position. Trucking companies like Beacon Transport offer many incentives and policies to help their employees maintain their positions for years to come.

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