What is SmartWay?

SmartWay is a program sponsored by the EPA that helps transportation, freight, and logistics companies advance supply chain sustainability by measuring, benchmarking, and freight transportation efficiency.

On October 3, the American Trucking Association congratulated companies that participate in the EPA program and ATA President and CEO, Chris Spear noted, “EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership is a model of industry and government cooperation. We hope that SmartWay will continue to be a tremendous example of how business and government can work together and how our industry can reduce fuel use and greenhouse emissions. I congratulate the industry leaders who EPA is honoring here today and especially those leaders who are part of our association.”

Transportation companies who partner with the EPA SmartWay program are committed to reducing emissions and improving efficiency by investing in fuel- and time-saving technologies. The program’s three core components are the SmartWay Transport Partnership, the SmartWay Brand, and SmartWay Global Collaboration. The EPA’s SmartWay website describes the key components as follows:

SmartWay Transport Partnership

Transportation companies partner with the EPA to measure, benchmark and improve logistics so they can minimize their carbon footprint while delivering the same (or better) level of services and goods throughout the country.

The SmartWay Brand

Through SmartWay technology verification and branding, EPA has accelerated availability, adoption and market penetration of fuel-saving technologies and operational practices while helping companies save fuel, lower costs and reduce adverse environmental impacts.

SmartWay Global Collaboration

EPA works with a broad range of national and global organizations to harmonize global carbon accounting methods in the freight sector. SmartWay also provides support to global policy makers that wish to model transportation sustainability programs after the SmartWay program.

How the SmartWay Program Works

The SmartWay program is a cost-free program that helps transportation companies as follows:

The Benefits of Becoming a SmartWay Partner

SmartWay is a cost-free program that benefits not only transportation companies, but also the American economy and the environment. Companies like Beacon Transport enjoy the benefits of being a SmartWay Partner by tracking efficiency and accurate carbon accounting; demonstrating their commitment to clients and customers by proving that metrics matter; measuring results and benchmarking progress to see how their results compare to others in the industry; identifying weaknesses and correcting operational inefficiencies; learning about the latest innovations in sustainability and best practices; providing business intelligence to promote the trucking industry; and gain recognition for achievements in the industry.

SmartWay by the Numbers

The numbers are impressive. Launched in 2004 with only 50 participating companies and organizations, there are now more than 3000 partners and affiliates throughout the country. Participants have cut $24.9 billion dollars in fuel costs and have saved 170.3 million barrels of oil — the equivalent of eliminating annual energy use in over 6 million homes. And since 2004 72.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, 1458 tons of mononitrogen oxides and 59,000 tons of particulate matter have not been released into the atmosphere (SmartWay).

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