That’s Sage Advice: 7 Things Every Potential Trucker Should Know

Truck driving can be a great job. You get to enjoy time outside the office. You get to see the sights and enjoy different scenery every day. Over the road truckers even get to travel and explore other parts of the country. Of course, truck driving careers aren’t for everyone. In fact, there are a lot of things about truck driving jobs that many simply wouldn’t enjoy. As such, it’s important that anyone thinking about joining the trucking industry carefully consider the following 7 things.

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Not all training programs are created equal.

Your first step in achieving your truck driver’s license is to attend a training program. Before choosing which one is right for you, make sure you do your homework. Look for a reputable company (preferably one that offers references you can check) and make sure you understand exactly what their program offers and what you can expect to get out of it.

Not all truck driving jobs are created equal, either.

One of the nice things about becoming a truck driver is that you have options available to you when it comes to deciding who to work for and what type of work you prefer. For instance, some jobs keep drivers local while others require extended time on the road. There are also other differences like whether you’re responsible to load and unload freight. These are all things to consider to help you determine which path to take.

The job affects more than just you.

Sure, if you’re single and unattached, choosing a truck driving job with a grueling schedule probably won’t impact anyone else, but if you’ve got a family at home, there’s more to consider. For example, if you’re looking at long-haul truck driving jobs, make sure everyone close to you understands what that will mean in terms of your schedule and availability.

It requires a good deal of alone time.

Not everyone is cut out for spending long stretches of time absent the company of other humans. If you happen to fall into this category, a career in truck driving may not be the best fit for you. Of course, there are alternatives, such as driving with a partner or forming a husband and wife trucking team, but just be aware ahead of time what you’re getting into so there are no surprises.

It can be tough on the body.

Even if you’re not required to do any heavy lifting, the nature of truck driving jobs can take their toll on the body. Long bouts of time sitting behind the wheel can lead to stiff muscles and sore joints. Of course, proper planning and regular conditioning of the body can help counteract some of these effects, but again, it’s important to be aware of them ahead of time.

It could take a while to get hired.

Everyone who finishes truck driver training is eager to get their feet wet and land that first real trucker job. Unfortunately, it’s not always so easy to get hired fresh out of school. Preparing ahead by creating a resume, doing some legwork and knowing what questions to ask your recruiter can vastly improve your chances.

It can be harder to strike a work/life balance.

Chances are you aren’t going to want to spend 100% of your time behind the wheel (nor should you), but the nature of this industry makes separating work from personal time much more challenging. This is amplified for those who choose truck driving careers that involve a great deal of over-the-road and long-haul travel. This can, of course be overcome, but it takes an effort.

If you’ve considered all of these things, have successfully achieved your license and are ready to get started, check out our job openings. For more truck driver tips and resources, visit our blog.

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