Logistics Industry Jobs: Drivers, Dispatchers, and Customer Service

Interested in the logistics industry? It’s an ever-growing field with various opportunities for career growth. According to the Bureau of Transportation, transportation and transportation-related industries employ over 13.3 million people, accounting for 9.1% of workers in the United States.

Let’s break down a few of the most popular roles:

  1. Drivers
  2. Dispatchers
  3. Customer Service

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As things like eCommerce and online deliveries continue to grow, the need for truck drivers is continuing to increase quickly. Whether that’s transporting retail products, food, construction materials, or anything else, drivers are responsible for getting things moved quickly and efficiently for customers. Here are some different types of trucking jobs you should know about:

Flatbed Trucker: Flatbed trucking involves a flatbed trailer to transport oversized products like construction materials and machinery. They typically work for one specific customer and are responsible for loading, unloading, and securing goods. It’s important to keep in mind that it comes with extra regulations and responsibilities to keep you and the things you’re transporting safe.

Tanker Trucker: Tank haulers are some of the most in-demand truckers as they haul liquids or gasses like liquid dairy products, gasoline, chlorine, and more. As certain chemicals may be hazardous, tanker truckers must stay up to date with things like offloading liquids and transportation laws.

Long Haul Truckers: Truckers are considered long-haul drivers when they can’t make their trip in a single day. Generally, they drive from coast to coast and spend two to three weeks a month on the road.


Dispatchers are responsible for driver and trip scheduling and all driver communication while they are on the job. This type of communication can involve information about traffic delays, vehicle breakdowns, project delays, or delivery issues. You’ll also be in charge of recording various expenses like mileage, fuel use, and repairs.

To be successful as a dispatcher, you’ll need to have the ability to multitask and communicate effectively to quickly deal with any issues that may arise. You’ll also need to get familiar with the truck drivers you’re working with to accurately respond to their needs and understand their communication styles. In addition, you’ll need to keep up with the latest technology and regulations in order for things to run smoothly.

Customer Service

Ever had to call a shipping company about a lost package or problems with shipping delays? Your experience with a customer service representative has probably impacted how you feel about that company and if you’d order from them again.

Customer service representatives in the logistics industry are involved in things like

facilitating time-sensitive shipments, resolving issues, and providing feedback to the customer. They’re trusted to keep customers informed, answer any questions they may have, and ensure that they have a positive experience.

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