6 Tips to Recruit Millennial Truck Drivers

For many years, the trucking industry has been struggling to recruit new drivers. The lack of drivers inflates the cost of shipping and ultimately affects the entire country. As a result, trucking companies are looking for ways to entice new drivers to a career as a truck driver. Millennials make up over half of today’s workforce, and while they might appear to seem only interest in social media, they work more hours than any generation before them.

With the shortage of truck drivers, trucking companies need to make changes if they want to appeal to the generation that is actually out there looking for a job. With the median age of the average truck driver being 55-years-old, they are quickly approaching retirement. It’s critical for trucking companies to change their recruiting tactics to stay relevant and avoid shortfalls.

1. Make it easy to fill out the application form

Millennials are working with a lot of technology advancements that make it easy to access information and quickly. Additionally, they can make online purchases with one click, pay for goods using their phone, and complete all of the banking needs without ever stepping inside a bank. If trucking companies want to position themselves favorably to attract millennial drivers, they should make the application process just as easy. Requiring a cover letter, the completion of a long application, and supplying a resume is arduous when they will only hear from a recruiter. Job postings should have an easy call to actions that allow them to just “click here” to begin filling out the necessary information.

2. Millennials want more than just a large paycheck

Millennials are touted as one of the first generations to choose a career that is not based on salary alone. They are more willing to take a pay cut and be happy than spend long hours working for a job with no prospects. When marketing to millennials, try to highlight areas of the job they will connect with like traveling or having flexible hours.

3. They spend a great deal on social media and you should too

More than half of millennials are active on social media, but even more astounding is the 75% of truck drivers who also utilize apps like Facebook on a daily basis. Considering the overwhelming overlap, trucking companies would be remiss to forgo the chance of posting about job vacancies on their social pages. In fact, many millennials use social media to search for job openings.

4. Create a company culture that is hard to resist

Careers with meaning are what drive most millennials. Having flexibility and being able to travel is only the beginning. This generation wants to know they are working for a company with values and that treats their employees with additional benefits. These could include employee outings, training courses to further their onsite skills, mentoring, or appreciation events. To round out this experience, trucking companies should consider sharing this information on their social media pages.

5. Highlight the ability to maintain a proper work-life balance

It can be challenging for long-haul drivers to have an endless amount of flexibility but having the option to spend time with family is high on their checklist. It’s reported that millennials are working more hours than any generation before them. While they are willing to do the extra time, what they are truly looking for is a company that will reward their hard with the ability to request flexible work arrangements or free wi-fi to stay connected with family while on the road. While these ideas could be considered amenities that would be nice to have, a lot of research suggests the companies with happier drivers earn more financially.

6. Upgrade your interview process

As we’ve previously mentioned, millennials are tech-savvy individuals who are looking for quick access to the information they need. Capturing their attention for the interview process should include apps that allow for online video submissions and the ability to obtain more information about the company and its values. The biggest drive in holding their attention is personalization and communication. They want to know that you see more than just their resume.

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