Industry News: Opportunities in the Logistics Industry

As 11 billion tons of goods are distributed annually, keeping up with changes in the logistics industry can prove to be important. Whether you’re interested in the industry for job opportunities, or you’re already a part of the logistics industry, Beacon Transport is here to help! 


As an extremely viable industry around the world, the logistics distribution industry is designed for continuous growth. With recent technological advancements built to provide cost-effective, flexible, and efficient services, the transportation industry is projected to keep up with rising shipping demands.

In a competitive market, logistics companies will want to adhere to the most recent industry trends, system strategies, and even regulations. To learn more about new opportunities in the logistics industry, keep reading.

Here’s what’s going on in the transportation industry:

  1. Job Outlook in Logistics
  2. Improvements in Transportation Technology
  3. Blockchain Technology
  4. Beacon Transport Logistics Trucking Jobs

Job Outlook in Logistics

As employment within the logistics industry is projected to grow 30 percent in the next ten years, we have already begun to see a huge shift in increasing demand. With growth projections that surpass most other industries, there are close to 24,500 current job openings in the transportation industry. And, with that in mind, those are expected to increase within the next few years.

As we witness more and more technological advancements, the demand for shipping and mass cargo carrying will continue to follow in suit. With a need for quality, dedicated logisticians, the job outlook in the logistics industry is extremely promising. For those interested in a new career opportunity, the logistics industry may be a great option for you.

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Improvements in Transportation Technology

Another trend in the logistics industry to look out for incorporates recent technological advancements. Built to improve travel convenience and ease, MaaS mobility systems were introduced into the transportation industry in early 2021.

With the ability to enhance and optimize distribution routes, these technological advancements can be used to reduce the number of checkpoints and stoppages. As a result of updated technology solutions, mobility automation services are expected to continually improve, benefitting logistics professionals and enhancing their day to day activities.

Logistics Regulations

Advances in technology have made it necessary to update and modify regulations to keep pace with changes in the transportation industry. Commercial transportation companies should remain current on any new requirements and regulations that are adopted or amended by any local, state, or federal government. In doing so, you can ensure that you stay up to date with modifications that can help your business succeed.

Blockchain Technology

In recent years, blockchain technology has emerged as a promising opportunity in the transportation industry. By guaranteeing accuracy in record-keeping, this technology trend ensures industry efficiency, and ease of daily inventory tracking. From keeping up with distribution chain data, truck history, and even inventory tracking, block chain technology can create a sense of trust, transparency and immutability in all logistics transactions.

As costs tend to fluctuate with cargo volume, blockchain sensors can be used to measure the amount of space occupied by different types of cargo. By utilizing this data, logistics professionals and technicians can calculate the shipment cost and ensure that it is digitally secure. Advancements in blockchain technology allow for ease of distribution and effective data security in a fast growing industry.

Beacon Transport Logistics Trucking Jobs

Beacon Transport, LLC is Nashville’s Local Truck Company! Beacon is a truckload carrier company founded in June 2000 by Stan Pritchett and David Burns. Their goal was to create a successful Nashville Based Trucking Company by utilizing their years of combined experience in the transportation industry.

Our mission is to develop and maintain a respectable, profitable reputation as a valuable local truck company and truckload carrier. In order to achieve this goal, this Tennessee based trucking company has built an office staff that is composed of dedicated and experienced employees who provide the best customer service and dispatch services available to Nashville Trucking.

Becoming a truck driver can be a fun and rewarding career choice. Once you’ve completed your certifications and requirements by state, you’ll be ready to hit the ground driving.

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Beacon Transport is a truckload carrier company based in Nashville, TN that specializes in hauling non-hazardous dry freight throughout the Southeast, Midwest and Southwest.