Nashville Truck Driver Jobs: The Big Difference

Did you know that The average commercial truck consumes 20,500 gallons of gas each year. While commercial truck driving takes up a lot of gas annually, the trucking industry provides millions of reliable jobs all over the country! When choosing a career path, you’ll want to find a position that offers you comfort and income reliability – a Nashville trucking job can do that for you.

When you work in the trucking industry, you’ll find that you have the opportunity to travel almost anywhere, control your own income, and find job longevity. Plus, to obtain a trucking license, all you need to do is complete a three-week course. If working a truck driving job in Nashville, TN or beyond has ever piqued your interest, you may make a great addition to the trucking industry.

Here’s what you need to know about Nashville Truck Driver Jobs:

  1. Take Advantage of the Road
  2. Travel on the Clock
  3. Work Independently
  4. Control Your Own Income
  5. Driving Safety

Take Advantage of the Road

Do you seek adventure everywhere you go? If so, becoming a truck driver in Nashville could be a great option for you! Get ready to soak up long drives thinking and listening to your favorite songs or podcasts. A truck driving job can help you to take advantage of the road and all adventure has to offer.

A truck driver becomes a truck driver for a reason. Their joy in feeling connected to the American highway system is generally quite remarkable. Behind the wheel of your truck, Nashville, TN truck driving jobs can make you feel like the world is at your fingertips. If you love the roadway system, and enjoy being behind the wheel, why not become a truck driver and turn your love into a lifelong career.

Travel on the Clock

Are you a big traveler, or have you never made it out of your state, but long to do so?  If that’s the case, and you’re interested in more travel opportunities, you could find career stability and longevity in the trucking industry. When you work as a truck driver, you have a unique opportunity to travel the country for free. You can also stop by many exciting places along your journey after working hours when you’re not traveling. 

Don’t let your 9 to 5 office job bore you; instead, let the trucking industry make your dreams come true. We offer a variety of high-paying opportunities and benefits, so you’re likely to find the longevity you want.

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Work Independently

In order to determine what career path is right for you, consider what kind of person and worker you are. Taking on a job that requires a schedule you can’t commit to will probably result in burnout and your need to seek another job quickly. If you are a solitary worker who enjoys being productive alone, the trucking industry could be perfect for your lifestyle.

While different people enjoy different working environments, if you enjoy a quieter, solitary paced lifestyle, truck driving may be just the job you need. If you are an independent type of person, you’ll be able to enjoy your commercial vehicle all by yourself. Investing your time in trucking will allow you to cruise down the road with your favorite podcast or tunes every day and find long-term career success.

Control Your Own Income

Almost all trucking companies offer flexible schedules, which give you the option to select what work you can realistically be involved in. Furthermore, it is common for individuals to receive bonuses from larger companies for various accomplishments. Providing you and your family financial security, truck driving jobs are a reliable industry rich with opportunities.

When you work for a company that offers a range of benefits in addition to a good salary, you can feel at ease and comfort in your situation. When applying to a trucking company, make sure you feel comfortable with the salary and benefits offered to you so that you’ll feel confident in your career path.

Pro Tip: It is not uncommon for truck drivers to earn more than $76,000 each year, and as you move up the rank, you may even be able to make upwards of $200,000 per year. 

Driving Safety

The truck driving industry can be a good fit for people who care about safety and follow the rules. As a truck driver, you are responsible for operating your commercial vehicle in the most safe manner possible. In the same way that you do when you drive your non-commercial car, you’ll need to follow the appropriate highway laws as well as any legal regulations unique to the trucking industry you learned in your courses.

The shipping industry in the U.S. depends heavily on the role of a safe truck driver as some of the vehicles you drive are up to 80,000 pounds. It is imperative that you have a perfect driving record before you become a part of this industry.

Driving a truck as a truck driver is not only a career choice for those who care about safety and following the rules, but also have an interest in playing a role in the mass shipping industry across the country.

While no career is ever perfect, the trucking industry is built to support and uplift it’s truckers. With many advantages to an independent traveler, truck driving jobs in Nashville, TN have become a fulfilling profession for many. If any of the points above spoke to you, you could become a great truck driver.

If you’re ready to jumpstart your trucking career, connect with our team of recruiters or apply at Drive M&W today.

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